Saturday, October 13, 2012

The BIG Reveal

I admit that on occasion, I watch the various make over shows. I of course, cringe at the befores and look forward to the afters, who doesn't? What not to wear, extreme makeover home edition, you name it- the excitement is in the big reveal.

My children lovingly(?) decorated what we called their playroom. It was with their own hands, crayons, markers and pencils that the finishing touches were strategically placed upon the walls in the living room. The marks got higher and higher as the children got taller and could doodle, draw and damage the surfaces. This was their area, albeit temporarily, until they outgrew needing a confined safe space.

After five plus years of abuse,

the playroom looked like a Jackson Pollack painting. Up close you could decipher the code of colors, letters, numbers, stick figures and various other sketches. We were proud that they achieved such a milestone in their artistic expression, because we knew it was just a phase.

Someday, we would paint over the masterpiece and it would be gone, much like my sanity. That day has come and I am going to reveal the new and improved living room that Jeff and I have reclaimed it.

Bye Bye playroom, hello parental oasis. Gone are the splattered walls. Disgusting, soiled and bacteria infested carpet be gone, it is outta here. Ripped and custom decorated leather furniture, ADIOS. There is no place for that in our newly revamped room.

Hello freshly painted walls, berber carpet and new (to us) furniture. The reveal is here, and it is spectacular.

Jeff even said, we could actually have people over now. Not that he is Mr. Marvin Jewert or anything, but just the notion that we could invite non relatives over to share a glass of wine is a new found freedom.

In our quest to raise responsible, solid citizens, we did what was important, and we did not micromanage our kids 24-7-365. We allowed them to have their own place to create and be free. Some people thought this was awful and others thought it was genius. Jeff and I did not care what they thought, this was our home, these were our kids and we felt strongly that this was a concession we could live with, for a while.

All that is left of the toddler friendly zone are sweet memories. The extreme living room makeover and big reveal are finally here, in my home.

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