Thursday, October 11, 2012

Secrets, Shopping, Spanx and Social Media

When I started my job in the Fifth Avenue Club last year, I signed an iron-clad, legally worded, confidentiality agreement. What happens inside my office, stays inside my office, unless my clients tag me in their facebook posts. And they do.

Along with the code of personal shopper ethics, I completed corporate training on all kinds of do’s and don’ts when it comes to the internet, social media and general communications. It was clear that what happens inside the store, stays inside the store. I got it.

While I would never cross the line of divulging private information about my co-workers, clients and vendors, there is a part of me that would like to take credit where credit is due. If I completely transform someone from geek to chic, it would nice to have the opportunity to use the before and after photos for my portfolio. That won’t happen by my doing alone, and I am okay with it.

Over time, my clients become my friends and my friends become my clients. Things get a tad blurry when this happens, mainly because my customers are excited about their new look, fabulousness and general image improvements and they reveal the details. That is their choice- and I am glad to see the pride they have in the changes we have made. They can talk about it first, I can’t. Once it is officially out there, believe me, I will chime in. And I do.

For example, my friend and Jeff’s longtime speaker pal, Susan RoAne was in town. I brought her to the store and she got a make up lesson and some fashion advice. She was so impressed with her new look, that she took photos in my fitting room and immediately posted them to her linked-in and facebook fans. Additionally, she tweeted and changed her profile photo
to this one, taken in my office. I could not really brag about it, but Susan led the way, and now I can safely report the same. If you need to know how to work a room, ask Susan RoAne, if you need a bit of retail therapy, ask me.

As I have mentioned before, I am living vicariously through the parties, events and vacations that my client friends attend in the clothing and accessories we have chosen. I do feel like there is a little part of me that is with them on their adventures. It is only natural that I have a connection to these folks- after all, we shared time in a fitting room and that bonds you, believe me.

My friend Babette knows this and it is with her permission that I am able to share the following information. The spanx bra-lellulah I sold Babette was worn last week (underneath an awesome outfit) to meet with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Babette called me to share the news. We chatted as she drove downtown to clear the Secret Service detail. The bra she bought from me was being worn during a round table discussion with Barack Obama. How cool is that? Not only was one of my dear friends going to meet and converse with our President, but she was taking me with her- sort of. It does not matter who you vote for in the upcoming election, meeting any President of the United States is effing awesome. ( Sadly for Suzanne, I believe this trumps the Pink Tartan sweater worn on t.v. during the Democratic National Convention.)

The only thing that could make this better would have been if Babette wore the bra on the outside of her clothing and got a photo of herself with the POTUS himself. (just kidding) Instead, Babette had this image taken,
and she was gracious enough to share it with me for the blog. Nothing makes me happier than to have been a wee part of this memorable event in her life.

Spanx bras and Presidents of the United States have one thing in common- they can be life changing. Bra-lellulah and amen to that.

This is one time when I can honestly say that I had a bit of influence in creating an uplifting moment in history. Pun intended.

On days when my feet ache, my back is sore, and I can’t bear the thought of hanging up one more PAUW jacket, I look back to all the smiling images on my desktop and I realize, I was born to do this. Personal shopping and social media, how I love thee.

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