Monday, October 22, 2012

Are we having fun yet?

I have said it before, and I will say it again, it is not a vacation if you travel with the kids. Actually, taking the kids for a change of scenery is anything but relaxing. In fact, it is downright exhausting. Knowing this in advance, Jeff and I agreed to join the whole fam damily in Orlando. We must have been high.

My parents celebrated their 45th anniversary and the one thing they really wanted was to have all six grandchildren in the same place at the same time. Since this means people have to commute, we might as well select a sunny spot where there is plenty for the kids to do. Drum Roll Please.....

Destination: Orlando, Florida.

There was a ton of drama related to getting everyone in and to Orlando, but I am not going to whine about that now. Instead, I will focus on the fact that we all made it safe and sound, and the kids were ready to have the time of their lives.

Me....not so much.

I sucked it up and kept smiling, even though I really do not enjoy being financially raped at theme parks. I understand that I have four kids and when you multiply even the smallest charges by four, it adds up in a hurry. That was my choice, but I don't have to like shelling out cash at every turn. Parking, and tickets alone are ridiculous, but add in snacks and meals and you are talking a second mortgage. I am too cheap to play along with that game, so I pre-meditate the stuff I can and suck it up for the rest.

It takes serious effort to pack enough snacks, treats and beverages to avoid paying for them when you have 4 kids and 3 adults in your group. This is the part that is actual work. This is an example of why I can't bring myself to refer to these trips as vacation. Let's remember, this is a change of scenery.

The Universal Studios park was our first official outing in Orlando. Here is our whole group or motley crew,
as we entered the gates and channeled our inner Griswold. I made Jeff this customized tee shirt especially for the occasion.
It shuts down all the typical questions and commentary we get from the general public peanut gallery. After previous amusement park adventures, I thought it best to nip some of the half assed comments in the bud.

The kids were having such a wonderful time that it was hard not to go with the flow. Watching your children experience joy

is in fact contagious, even for a cheap scrooge like me.

The cousins, 6 Eichenwald grandkids or fake sextuplets, went from ride to ride laughing, giggling

and squealing with pure child like enthusiasm. Somehow, Rachelle and I were able to color coordinate them for the day. I keep saying that this will be the last year they let us do it, and yet, we still manage to pull it off. It does make it easy to keep track of all the small people from a visual standpoint.

So to answer the question in the title of the post, YES, we are having fun. Clearly the kids are anyway- but me....let's just say, I am doing whatever it takes to get from breakfast to bedtime without harming the festive, change of scenery spirit.

Am I having fun yet? YES, I am so long as the kids stay asleep while I drink my mojitos and download the sim card from my camera.

Stay tuned for tales from Disney-
With Love,
The Queen

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