Tuesday, October 2, 2012

7-7-7 The Birthday Jackpot

Goodbye 6-6-6, Hello 7-7-7.  I can’t fathom how seven years has flown by so quickly.  My peanuts are 7 years old today. The days were long, but the weeks flew by.

We have come a long, long, long way from those fragile 27 week preemie days.  All of this blog material, all the stains, messes, loud, crazy, obnoxiousness is my own fault.  When the triplets were in those isolettes in the NICU, I prayed for this kind of normal.  I hoped they would grow up to be as happy, silly, and joyous as the full term babies down the hall.  I can honestly say, I worried for nothing.  With the talented caregivers and doctors at OSU, I was able to bring home three, healthy, thriving babies that in a blink of an eye are now celebrating their seventh birthday.

To keep me humble, I am often reminded of how scary those first few weeks were.  I reflect back to photos, find a preemie hat, or see something that tugs at my heart.  This morning, it was not a coincidence that the Childrens’ Hospital mobile ICU ambulance
was driving along side of me as I went to work.  I saw it and was instantly grateful for the blessings I just kissed good-bye in my driveway 20 minutes ago.  I knew that the mobile ICU unit was transporting a baby just as special as one of mine.  I actually started crying when I thought of what was happening inside that ICU transport, and I hoped the outcome would be as amazing as mine.  Holy crap, it was 7 years ago that I was dealing with all the emotion of the birth of three preemies.

Since the triplets share October 2 with our good friend Larry Winget, I always recognize both birthday celebrations.  This morning
I took 27 images to get one usable photo for posting on Larry’s facebook wall.  Instead of buying a lame birthday card, I take a picture of the kids holding signs- it is more personal and has less of a carbon footprint- because I am so green now- bwah ha ha ha.  Green.  Ha.

While I was screeching at the kids to look at the camera, hold their signs and cooperate, Charlotte suggested we make a video with motions.  She directed the triplets in this production.  If you listen closely at the very beginning, you can hear CJ say that he has to go to the bathroom. 

It's good stuff I tell you.  This is what reality television wishes it could be…scripted, but unedited chaos.  Welcome to my freak show.  This is as normal as four triplets can be.  Who needs to keep up with the Kardashians?  Certainly not me.

Seven years later, and I would not change a thing.  To some 6-6-6 is the sign of the devil.  To me, it was just a year of pure joy.  I can’t wait to see how lucky this particular 7-7-7 will be.  I totally hit the jackpot.

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