Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our New Addition

Just when you thought life here at the Slutskys was getting dull, we have added a new addition to the mix. Introducing our newest girlie, a four year old Jack Russell Terrier, now named Penny Lane Slutsky.

In case you are new here, this makes "us":
Two Crazy Parents with
6 kids
1 Panamanian Exchange Student
2 Jack Russell Terriers

We met her a month ago in Piqua at the Karate Dojo. This is the Jack Russell formerly known as Coco. I was smitten with her then, and mentioned it to her owner. I went so far as to say, if you ever need a home for her, we are available. Low and behold, he called and we answered.

Since her former owner was Jeff's karate guru, Hanshi, it was a win-win for Jeff to help him with the dog. Call it brownie points, or just the right thing to do, whatever the label, Jeff was actually on board with adopting this dog.

From Piqua to New Albany, this little lady has won the canine lottery. She will be living in the lap (literally) of luxury with her boyfriend, John Lennon Slutsky, and 6 crazy kids. Life is never, ever boring, and this dog will just go with our flow. What choice does she have but to embrace her new lifestyle of chaos and noise.

Yes, I know, we now have Penny and Lenny. Eli said he thinks they will fall in love. So far, so good. There has been more ass sniffing then I care to witness, but that is the nature of it, I suppose. Lenny is like an old Jewish Man and he just likes to get in her zone and grab a whiff. Somethings never change.

The kids are already completely in love with the girl.

To test the waters with all four kids we brought her to the park for an awesome Fall weather outing, remember, no school today- so why not spend the day getting acquainted with our newest pet?

and she allowed the kids to hug and squeeze her, before she needed to hunt for squirrels. Her petite frame and copper and white coloring are darling.

We will not be sending out announcements on her arrival but we welcome her with open arms all the same.

Go ahead, tell me. I am cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs cuh-razy. I know. I already know.

But in all fairness, I warned Jeff when we got married 8 years ago. I told him point blank. "It will never be boring!" See, I keep my promises.

Welcome home Penny Lane.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student(s) of the Week

What are the chances that out of thirty kids in two different classrooms, Eli and Natalie would be chosen student of the week on the same day? The teacher draws a name from the jar in the morning class, and then again in the afternoon class when the students change. Today, Eli and Natalie were student of the week. Should I purchase a powerball ticket?

Here are the answers to their questions on the all about me page. I guess this is the kindergarten version of the centerfold questionnaire like in Playboy. Likes, turn offs, whatever. Genuine basic information about these students is shared with their classmates who then color a page for the booklet.

There were no surprises here.
Eli likes tilapia and Natalie enjoys pumpkin pie. Check. They are 4, check, but only for a few more days. Eli likes doing handstands and Natalie likes riding her bike in circles. Good times, Good times.

These drawings were created by their peers. Most of the fellow kindergarten kiddies paid careful attention to the subjects and captured the moment in painstaking detail. Natalie is featured with girl hair

and a fancy dress in almost all the hand drawn portraits while Eli, who was wearing a striped rugby shirt today,

is captured looking like himself. Natalie has her bicycle and Eli is doing handstands on the side. Very clever, very clever indeed!

Both kids were chomping at the bit to share their look books with me. Eli and Natalie practically attacked me at pick up, each trying to announce their good news to me. They were more than excited at the selection of student of the week.

You might wonder if CJ was upset that two out of the three were chosen and one(he)was clearly left out. I asked CJ if he was mad about it and he replied, "No, I am not mad at all Mommie, that is the nature of it- sometimes you gotta wait your turn!" How profound my son. Let's remember this lesson, okay.

Since I may not be able to hang onto every piece of original art, I have taken the photos to preserve the memory of these precious papers. See guys, Mommie was sentimental about your student of the week status. Even if, sometime in the future these booklets go "missing."

I love my children, the students of the week, in my book, all year long.

Oh C'mon now...Please, Please, Please, bring on a full week of school!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Damn, I found a cure!

I have no intentions of downplaying the whole Sukkah envy epidemic, but now, I am sporting a full on sinus infection. Hello, Karma, Is that you?

What began as seasonal allergies has morphed into a raging sinus infection complete with all the trimmings. Lovely.

Thankfully, the kids are in school during the first part of the week. Of course, with all the Jewish celebrations in Fall, they are out of school on Thursday and Friday with early dismissal on Wednesday. Have I mentioned that we have not had a full week of classes yet? Do you think the Catholic schools get this much time off? Doubtful. Is it too late to switch? Same guilt, different food?

While the kids are at school I am at home nursing this godforsaken sinus infection. I have a tub of Vicks Vap-o-rub and while slathering myself head to toe, I am under the covers with a box of Puffs with lotion at my bed table. I am drinking copious amounts of hot water with lemon during the day, taking antibiotics, mucinex, cough drops, zinc lozenges and spoonfuls of honey. It is working- I am borderline functional. Borderline is a step above death warmed over on my scale.

I would use one of those nasal rinse thingamajigs but they make me throw up. My gag reflex is so strong that the netti pots and sinus rinse bottles make me literally barf. Otherwise, I would be all for adding this to the list of homeopathic must do's. Clearer sinuses good, hurling mucous and chunks is bad, very bad.

I have developed a new evening elixir to ease the discomfort associated with battling a heavy duty sinus infection. My bootleg cure is much like one Granny concoctedon the Beverly Hillbillies. If memory serves, Granny made her potions in a still and they cured just about any problem.

Allow me to share my recipe for Sinus Infection pain. My medicine is easy to make, tastes great, smells divine (just ask Argenida who thought I was baking) and works like a charm. Simply steep two bags of Sweet Dreams Night Time chamomile tea in a large mug. When the tea is brewed, remove the bags and add as much HOT DAMN cinnamon schnapps as you can stand.Sip the tea until you fall asleep. Repeat as necessary until you must function as a responsible adult.

I am onto something here. Seriously, the combination of pharma, alcohol, herbals and rest are working.


Sweet Dreams!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sukkah Envy

I have a bad case of Sukkah Envy. This is a Jewish virus that occurs when your friends have a beautiful, full blown, Sukkah and you do not. Fortunately, the plague of Sukkah Envy comes only once a year and lasts about a week.

The only cure for this nasty bug is taking notes, planning ahead, and attempting to be ready for Sukkot the following year. I am already hiring a contractor. We are Jewish, so yeah, even a simple three sided, temporary, open roof addition to the deck requires an awesome contractor. I admit it.

One of my gal pals, who is part of my Real Housewives of Franklin County posse,

***see the uniform? Black top, and jeans= it is the Rockin Moroccan herself and her husband Jeff. They graciously invited us over for Sunday dinner in the Sukkah. This is the Jewish Fall version of the Sunday Night Italian dinner you saw on the Soprano's. Same clan, different food and religious beliefs.

Murielle and Jeff have three delicious boys, a loud, crazy family and needless to say, our peeps fits right in over there. We dined on Murielle's amazing Moroccan food under the stars inside the Sukkah. Complete with original art from the children, white lights, pumpkins, mums, and the smells of cumin, this Sukkah was to die for. Seriously, I started getting ferkelmpt with jealousy.

My darling (code for CHEAP ASS) husband, thinks I have the whole thing all wrong. He believes that we should just hang out with more Sukkah building friends, and give up the idea of building our own. He suggested we do the whole Sukkah hopping thing next year and skip the design build concept. As if he could make more friends- especially the Sukkah building kind. Oh Please.

So I am nursing my Sukkah Envy by getting organized for next year. Much like Christmas, the Sukkah materials are seasonal, which means, next week they will be on sale. I am stocking up. No one wants to buy a Sukkah in November. Only me.

Since my blog post would not be complete without photos of the children, look at the punims on these cuties.

I think Charlotte is going to be officially adopted by her three new Moroccan brothers. Is it too early to arrange a marriage? Ohmygawd, look at the sweetness!

Happy Sukkot to all, and to all a good night.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The New Albany Classic 2010

It is not New Albany without the equestrian lifestyle, the well dressed sporty crowd, luxury motor cars and white picket fences. Celebrating the New Albany Classic is a tradition my kids have learned to appreciate.

It was really nice to be able to attend without any child corralling devices such as wagons, strollers or hand cuffs.
The kids are just old enough to roam with us and walk the distance. This is so key to my happiness. You have no idea. Woooo Hooooo y'all, Mommie is footloose and fancy free from transportation gear!

I made the our various family groups pose for photos because The New Albany Classic is blog worthy.

This was a beautiful day filled with overcast skies and cool 68 degree temps- ideal for a sweater without a coat. Fall is here folks, thankfully, fall is here.

For those of you in the Columbus area, the family fun day is aptly named. Kids 12 and under are FREE, so for a family with a boatload of children, the value is hard to beat. For five dollars we bought them a wristband for unlimited rides on all the attractions. Such a deal.

As you can plainly see, the kids were having the time of their lives. They went from activity to activity and wanted to do every single thing.

There was something for everyone. I fear the future, when all four will want to ride this contraption.
For now they are good with face painting, bounce houses, ride on carousels and the petting zoo. Thank you very much!

CJ had to be physically pulled away from the COSI science tent.

The marble maze, microscope and puzzles were way too cool for him. He could have stayed and worked these things for hours. It took chocolate to get him to move along. Chocolate is the big gun, and I am not afraid to use it.

We watched the equestrian event from the grand stands. The kids were totally into the show this year.

Papa and Eli are like two peas in a pod, they will sit and watch anything if you give them a snack, and in this instance, all it took was a bag of kettle corn.

I found a few cars to add to my wish list. Which car is more me, the Ferrari
or the Aston Martin? Hmmmmm, what to choose, what to choose? Jeff freaked out when I bought a crock pot and a pedicure in the same week, so can you imagine the size of the gasket he would blow if somehow, someway, I brought one of these babies home? It is not like these cars are totally impractical like say, a motorcycle, right Michele? I can hear Jeff now, even if you can get one at 90% off retail, we still can't afford it. Blah, blah, blah.

We spent a lovely day at the New Albany Classic. It is one of the perks of living here. Remind me again when there is a foot of snow outside and I have not seen the sun in weeks, okay?

Until next year, Tally Ho!

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