Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gluten Free Menus for Restaurant Dining

After doing some research on what is available in the Gluten Free world of dining out, I have found many restaurants that offer a GF menu or GF items specifically offered for guests. It is becoming more mainstream to follow a Gluten Free diet so many restaurants are seeing a method to target and keep customers.

Tonight we took the kids to Shane's Rib Shack in honor of Swine Flu season....nahhhh, we went there because they have a Gluten Free BBQ sauce on their Baby Back Pork Ribs. When we arrived I inquired about which items were GF, and the cashier handed me a separate laminated menu that listed all the options. It was simple, easy, tasty and messy. If you want to check out these ribs for FREE, May 16 is customer appreciation day and the first 100 people get a half slab of ribs, a tee shirt and a soft drink without charge. I would venture a guess that in order to score the free ribs you'll have to arrive early and stand in line with all the other hungry patrons, so only you can decide if it is worth your time.

Here is my partial list of the restaurants that cater to a Gluten Free customer. I am still adding places, so in a future Gluten Free Friday post I will compile an updated list. Click on the name of the place to link to the actual information, call ahead if you have questions and in the case of Maggiano's give them a few days notice so you can be "wowed" by the staff.


First Watch

Outback Steakhouse

Dairy Queen

Lone Star Steakhouse

Boston Market

P.F. Changs

Uno Pizzeria


The Olive Garden

The Bonefish Grill

Pei Wei Asian Cuisine

Z Pizzeria

I would be remiss if I did not include the most posh and fabulous Gluten Free Bakery in Columbus- it is CJ's faborite, and when he sees the skyline of downtown, he begs, I mean BEGS to go to Pistacia Vera. Since this amazing boutique dessert kitchen offers nationwide shipping, I feel it vital that it be included in any Gluten Free list of spectacular resources. The Parisian macaroons are heavenly and the flavor choices are endless. Looking for an awesome gift suggestion for a Gluten Free loved one? Check out the Pistacia Vera website and order a sample pack of the Gluten Free Parisian macaroons. You and the receipient can thank me later.

If you know of some others feel free to update my list by leaving a comment under this post, and we can get the party started. Now how's that for a way to start the gluten free weekend? Bon Appetit!

When you care enough to create the very best for Mother's Day 2009

I found a freebie that is too good to be true. is offering a create your own real paper card stock Mother's Day card on their website. Click here to be directed to the home page. If you don't have an account set it up with your email address, it is free. Then go to the Mother's Day Card section and select any greeting card for your mother, grandmother, aunt- whatever. The program is simple to navigate even if you are computer clueless.

After you upload your own photographs, or edit and personalize the copy so that it is custom worded, you can save your work and order the special greeting card. The website allows you choose whether you want the US MAIL to deliver it to you or to your recipient, so basically you are picking, custom making and MAILING the card without leaving your monitor screen. Just make sure you have the US street address of the person you want to "wow." The service allows you to choose when you want the envelope to arrive at the destination so you can do this with advance notice and forget about it. The system automatically does the rest.

At check out enter the promotional code CARD4MOM, continue and the price which includes postage changes to free, zip, nada, or a big fat zero. Once you submit the data Hallmark will craft this special card and send it with the postal carrier. All you have to do is wait for the OMG thank you call next week.

I know my dad reads the blog- so shhhhh, don't let Nana, Grandma or Oma know about this little secret, their cards are arriving at the end of next week and they are spectacular.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Helene Slutsky's list of Don't Bothers and Sucky Products

Here it is....drum roll please....the list of Helene's worst picks of products and services- these are real life explanations of why I would never give my props to the following:

I could not wait to get my sample of Blinc Kiss Me Mascara in the mail.I was excited by the new concept of tubing lashes rather than painting them. The product coats lashes by combing a tube of black mascara over the lashes like a pipe so that the waterproof formula will not run, fade, crumble, or rub off. It sounded too good to be true and sadly, I hated it. I will go into detail of why this product drove me crazy, some may find my pan to be their own prop in a reverse negative review.

The Blinc mascara was glossy and dark and did coat my lashes by adding length and volume. It looked great and felt awful. The weight on my eyelashes seemed heavy and I found myself picking at it to make it more comfortable. It bugged me all day and I could not wait to take it off. With traditional mascara you can rub your lashes to adjust the clumps and correct any blemishes. The BLINC Kiss Me Mascara is glued on tubes around your real lashes so there is no wiggle room on adjusting it once it is dry. The tubes wrap around your natural lashes so well that you have to use lots of warm water and gentle pressure to pull the mascara off. I found that even when I removed the product according to the directions, I removed the tubes along with some of my real eyelashes.I can ill afford to use a mascara that does more harm than good. The lasting power and look were stellar but I could not enjoy the feel. If you are looking for eye lash color and volume that takes serious effort to remove, and destroys your own lashes in the process- this could be your ideal choice. If I had spent $25 on the full size mascara I would be crying, and I can assure you, my tears would not make the product smudge or run.

Think Pink Panera Bagel
As much as I embrace anything pink and anything that recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness, I have to pan the Cherry Vanilla Bagel at Panera Bread Company. The idea of a cherry vanilla bagel rubs me the wrong way. A cherry vanilla muffin sounds good, cherry vanilla bagel on the other hand, sounds and in this instance, tastes awful.This pink bagel is infused with dried cherries, dried, cranberries, vanilla, brown sugar and these horrible cherry chips (which are artificially flavored faux chocolate chips that are supposed to add even more cherry taste). The nutritional information provided on Panera’s website suggests that eaten plain- as is, without toppings, this single bagel has 410 calories, 75 carbs and 5 of the 7 grams of fat are saturated. If you want to support Breast Cancer Awareness that is admirable, but to associate this particular product with improving women’s lives is laughable. C’mon Panera, try again. Luckily this is a seasonal bagel and it is not a permanent fixture on the menu.

Neutrogena Self Tanning Micro Mist
If you are as naturally pale as I am and you have some sense not to sunbathe, self tanning can be a good thing. Unless you end up streaked, reeking to high heaven and blotchy. The Neutrogena Micro Mist self tanning spray is difficult to apply evenly because of the hard to dispense spray and it the GAWD AWFUL smelling- two big no-no's in a product for women.Perhaps if you stood naked on an old towel and had a good friend spray you, it might work better than my attempts to do it solo. I don't know anyone I would allow to see me in all my (pale) glory except for Jeff and I would not trust him to get it right- I am guessing he would spray my boobs and skip the crucial (boring to him) parts. Recipe for disaster. If you want to self apply, look like a striped orange bass and stink, this may be your self tanner. I am a fan of gradual tanning lotions because they are easily applied and you can control the degree of color. I noticed that this spray had two volumes- loud and louder. Skip this one and spend your money on an decent exfoliater and a gradual tanning style lotion. Trust me-I still trying to loofah off the streaks and stripes.

Propel Fitness Water (new bottle)
If you are a drinker of Propel Fitness Water you may want to take a close look at the ingredients label on the product’s newly redesigned bottles. The people at Gatorade, the makers of Propel, have decided to introduce High Fructose Corn Syrup as the drinks primary sweetener, replacing the previously used Sucrose. Of course, NOWHERE on Propel’s fancy new bottles is there a declaration of this change of sweeteners to alert consumers of what they are now drinking.Anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave these last few years will undoubtedly have heard the findings from the medical community warning consumers that drinking beverages containing High Fructose Corn Syrup is not healthy. It can increase a person’s risk of developing sugar diabetes by 80% by just consuming ONE 12 oz. beverage. All this health-talk aside, what really galls me is the smoke-and-mirrors slight of hand executed by Gatorade in making this radical ingredient change while promoting only its new packaging. They clearly are hyping the packaging change as an environmentally-improved design, but, just like the corn syrup change, the new packaging reduces their cost and widens their margin. Nobody had reported that New Propel is lower in price, have they?

Lastly, but most importantly for me is the taste. Corn syrup alters the taste of new Propel significantly, along with imparting a thicker syrupy texture. Propel was light, easy to drink and actually encouraged me to drink more liquid while not contributing a significant number of calories to my daily diet. It also was palatable even at room temp or warmer, making it ideal when I reached for one that was hidden in the back of the cargo space of my van. I can’t stand the new Propel. It tastes like just another crappy sports drink. My household of 9 people went through three cases a month from Costco who still has the old formula in stock, and now, when our precious bootleg old school Propel reserves run dry, that’s it, party over!

Cookie Magazine
I readily admit I have a subscription-it is my Mommie Porn. I’m not exactly sure how to express my disdain for the monthly issues. Let’s just say that despite the fact that I don’t consider myself a pauper, I just don’t find it to be LIKELY that I (or any of my glam Mom Entourage) will ever be cavorting around in three thousand dollar dresses, like the “moms” in their photo shoots. I certainly don’t wear them out on picnics while I roll around on the grass with my children, stand in the surf allowing my Vera Wang silk frock to collect wet sand either. In fact, a grass stain on dress that cost 3G's might make me commit hari-kiri.

I don’t think, however, that thousand dollar "travel friendly" strollers are practical or even reasonable to promote (and yes I used to collect strollers and various configurations of strollers and wagons) but my kids aren’t about to pull Louis Vuitton luggage through the airport and I don’t actually know anyone who has the luxury of choosing the airport they fly into based on the airlines that fly there. I’m sure it rocks being able to say “You know I don’t care for Midway airport, Lufthansa doesn’t fly into there” but do normal people actually do that? I think we just push our cheap ass strollers through the (gasp!) mall and look for playgrounds that are fenced so our kids don't bolt in three different directions. My idea of a travel stroller equates to being able to travel outside of my driveway, or schlepping the stroller in the back of my Toyota Sienna. Strollers that cost more than my first car are repulsive. Jeff would shit his pants if I bought a stroller that cost more than three figures.

The whole COOKIE MAGAZINE thing is elitist to the point of absurdity. I realize that I might simply be envious, but it just sort of offends me and makes me want to throw up a little.

For example, I’m offended by the notion that their family camping spread features all the ways to electrify your experience - because your kid can’t go a couple of days without his iPod or his DVD player. Apparently kids in their demographic don’t play with kites or cards or puzzles. Come to think of it, why bother going camping at all? Just buy the kid a new DVD, send them to their room and tell them it’s “camping day.” That almost seems simpler to me. (dripping with sarcasm) We are Jewish so clearly we don't camp at all, but in concept it still rubbed me the wrong way- Know what I mean?

In all fairness, Cookie is getting better. There were actually some recent articles that didn’t make me rage and I even laughed at some stuff in the last issue; good laughing as opposed to the eye rolling kind of laughing which is a big improvement over previous issues. I love when the kids pick up a copy and pretend to read it- I wonder what they are thinking about the photos?Eli swiped this issue from me when I left it sitting on the park bench during one of our playground outings. They play I read until it looks like more fun for them to read and for me to stand there with my thumb up my ass.

I’m still not sure who their REAL audience is. Maybe if Paris Hilton had a baby, her housekeeper would pick up a copy of it for the nanny to read or something. I do like escapism. I just don’t like being patronized, which is sort of how it feels as I’m reading it. As if I’m being shown how inadequate our lifestyle is; how lacking in appropriate gear my parenting inventory really is… Oy Vey- enough already, I need a cookie, and I don't mean the glossy paged version.

Feel free to comment on my little rants- I am sure I was honest enough to keep myself from being sued. I made this post more about me and my opinion and less about how sucky these things are- but when it comes right down to it- you know I am right! Can I get an AMEN SISTER?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helene Slutsky's list of Favorite Things

Did you know that there is some hokey FTC legislation about slander on blogs? Apparently companies are suing bloggers for bad mouthing their products and services. In an effort to squelch bad publicity this law would make it a litigation jungle for Mommie blogativity. Yeah, I made up is my new word to combine blog activity with negativity. Nice huh, maybe I should trademark that like Octomom has done with her new word.

Since Oprah has her list of favorite things, I felt as though I should step up to the plate and openly give a shout out to the products and services that are my faves. I think I do a pretty decent daily job of blogging my opinion so now, let's make it official. Here is my list!

The YSL touch eclat concealer pen
The Radiant Touch gold pen is filled with a creamy, magical potion that is clicked to dispense from the brush at the end.Just swipe it under your dark circles and you are instantly 16 again. It does not cake or look raccoon-ish and it brightens the applicable areas with ease. I am sure if American Express had not copyrighted the phrase, “Don’t leave home without it” the fine French YSL marketing team would have had a winner for the slogan most appropriate to their Touche Eclat sticks. I rarely leave home without touching up under my eyes. The pens last me about 6 months so the cost per use is minimal over time. I have tried to wean myself to drug store brand concealers without success. Once you have perfection it is impossible to give it up. I have been a fan for years and consider this my secret weapon in my make-up case.

Dorot Frozen Herb Cubes
I discovered DOROT frozen cubes at Trader Joe’s by accident. I was looking for frozen vegetables when I stumbled upon the little ice cube trays of chopped garlic, minced basil, and crushed cilantro. How could I resist the urge to boost my recipes with flavor and not have to chop and peel the garlic, harvest and clean the herbs, and find time to prep them? Thanks to the DOROT product I am now cooking at warped speed.

There are twenty small cubes of pressed garlic in the tray about the size of a slice of bread.The flat packaging fits neatly into the door of the freezer. After you remove the red lid and cellophane seal, you just pop the frozen garlic out and instantly blend it into gravy, sauce, dressings or a marinade. My fingers no longer reek of garlic and there are no presses and cutting boards to clean. Using DOROT cubes in my own recipes is a huge time saver.

Grown and produced on a kibbutz in Israel, DOROT products are free from preservatives, added colorings and are naturally delicious. The trays and fillings have a 24 month freezer shelf life so they last longer than the seasons if you were growing the contents yourself. I am not the Martha Stewart type so I need someone else to cultivate the herbs, prep them and package them neatly into trays for my freezer. Thanks to DOROT I can just cruise into the frozen vegetable aisle at Trader Joe’s and get all the glory as if I slaved in the kitchen.

Divine Diaper Cakes
When you need a baby shower gift or a centerpiece at a baby naming, bris or baptism, this is the ultimate way to go. These beautiful cakes are crafted by hand and are custom made to coordinate with your theme or colors. Aptly named, Divine Diaper Cakes because they are chock full of real (usable) diapers- so instead of wasting money on flowers these cakes have added value to the new parents.
How divine! The owner and creator of Divine Diaper Cakes is a fellow triplet mom, who graciously donated one of her spectacular three tiered cakes to the preschool silent auction, so in addition to being a wonderful product, they are coming from a genuinely nice person- so that is just a bonus to me. They can be shipped anywhere in the US so keep this in mind when you are racking your brain on what to send for the newest addition.

Summer is the time for ice cream cones, popsicles, and the dripping messes they make in the heat. At least that is how I once felt. Now our home is stocked up on the best remedy: Dripstiks! I find it odd that I am encouraging our little ones to have fudge bars and sorbet pops but when you find a product that makes sense, you embrace the new found freedom and roll with it.

Our kids are proudly carrying their cool treats in a dripstik holder.It features a side to insert the popsicle stick and alternatively, another side for cones. These colorful containers are great for toddler hands and even better for managing melting confections without a huge clean-up. Dripstiks are mom invented and are also handy for assisting the elderly and disabled who would otherwise struggle to control their frozen desserts.

We are planning on using them at our next big triplet birthday bash- serving ice cream cones in the dipstiks and then letting all the invited guests take home their dipstick as a party favor.

How Fast They Grow
This on line digital scrapbooking service is a lifesaver for those of us without the time, energy, space, or gene for cutting paper and pasting photographs. This website allows you to drag and drop your images into templates, write your own journaling entry and then they mail you the actual hard card stock page for your albums. You slide the page into the book and it is finished. Badda boom, badda bing- baby books in a flash. No more Mommie guilt for not keeping current on the photo albums. The scrapbook pages speak for themselves, so check out a few samples of mine. It has become a mild addiction for me- which is a bold statement to the folks at How Fast They Grow.

Brothers Fruit Snacks
I am always looking for healthy snacks for the entire family. Snacks that can be eaten on the go without a mess, are packaged in single portion controlled servings, and have nutritional value always score higher than sugary, red dye #40 laced treats found in the lunchbox aisle at the grocery store. When I read the ingredients I want to be able to pronounce and understand all the words.

Since I often end up snacking too, I appreciate a product that tastes good without being artificial. In our house the biggest challenge is serving the masses. We have a gluten-free diet child, a weight watchers Daddy and a vegetarian-kosher babysitter. Amazingly I have found a treat that everyone can eat. I stumbled upon the Brothers fruit snacks on a trip to Costco.

Brothers all natural freeze dried fruits are perfect.They come in a handy pouch pack ideal for stashing away in your diaper bag, tote, purse or keeping in the car when you need something to munch and don’t want to blow your diet in the drive through. These crunchy, flavor packed crisps are 100% fruit with no added flavors or preservatives. They are kosher, gluten-free, weight watchers friendly, vegetarian, and are packed with flavor and taste. The strawberry/banana combination has 45 calories without fat and is tart and sweet. The Fuji apple packet is filled with sliced apple wedges that are crunchy and crisp without being sharp on your gums.

I am anxiously waiting to finish our current inventory of Brothers fruit crisps so that I can stock up on the other flavors which include Asian Pear, Peach and pineapple. The only downside to finding the most incredible snack is having to share them with everyone else in the van, on the couch, or at the table- my kids are legendary moochers.

Don't worry, that pesky FTC lawsuit crap doesn't scare me....tomorrow I will post my list of the worst products and services I have ever experienced. We can't keep it all sunshine and roses here, that would be average and B-O-R-I-N-G- and we all know that blogativity is where it is at! Wooooo HOOOO!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring in Full Bloom

Warning! This may be one of the more boring posts in a long time. I am just wanting to revel in the moment that is Spring, and brag on my kids. If you want drama, cyber bullying or controversy, head over to Triplet Connection.

I have double jinxed myself into believing that Spring is here to stay. Once the crocus come up I want to think that Winter is gone, but living in Central Ohio you can't rely on the flowering bulbs to define the end of blech weather. This weekend I took a bold step- a leap of faith really, and.... I got rid of all the heavy coats, scarves and gear. I did not sell it or give it away, I just moved it out of plain sight and rotated the cold weather clothing to the basement. This is my own way of defining the end of Winter.

The flowers in my garden are in full bloom. We have spent hours surveying the property taking note of what is up and what is about to blossom. The kids can identify all the perennials by name and each child has their favorite. They have been arguing over which flowers belong to them- they take ownership of each stem or shrub and then when a sibling tries to smell or enjoy it, they fight over the flower. "THAT IS MINE!" I even heard Natalie say to her brothers- "Boys, these tulips are mine, that means you can't have them, ever, so go find some different flowers for yours, because I said, these red tulips are for NATALIE!" Try as I may to get them into the spirit of sharing nature, they are three and half and are part of a set, so there is a fierce competition to claim things.

Eli noticed these beautiful tulips and demanded that I stop the van so he could get out and smell them. It was mildly annoying to pull the van over on Drexel Avenue, unbuckle him, and let him out to investigate the blooms, but I love that he wanted the chance to get a better look. I am sure the neighboring home owners were wondering why the crazy lady with the mini van let her kid out to see the tulips.

It was a sunny day and Eli was all about these flowers. And yes, his favorite color is still pink. Give him a choice of shirts, pajamas or candy and he always selects the pink ones. Go figure.

The lilacs are just about to be in their peak week so I made sure the kids took time to smell them.

We even cut a few branches to bring to Temple Beth Chanel for their teachers. Lilacs are the most fragrant of our flowering collection and the whole house and van reek (in a good way) of these beauties.

Happy Spring Everybody, There will be more drama, excitment and bargains tomorrow!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our March with Babies

We joined thousands of walkers in the March of Dimes walk. This is the first year that I took all 4 kids by myself with only a single stroller. While there was a new found freedom of not lugging a choo choo wagon or pushing a quad stroller, there was the added chaos of herding Eli, CJ and Natalie to stay with me.
I was in my no fear mode. Thankfully the weather could not have been better, so the kids were soaking up the sun in their 75 SPF.

The kids wore the most appropriate tee shirts, given that I was going it solo, I think it was a great sympathy move on my part. Of course there were hundreds of custom made preemie and NICU baby shirts on other participants, but somehow, some way my 4 orange clad My Parents are Exhausted shirts got some serious compliments.

The pit stops were stocked with fresh apples and little cups of water so my children were more than thrilled to cop a squat on the curb, sit, eat, drink and watch the real walkers do their thing.

At one point Natalie said she loved watching all the people and the dogs in the parade. I guess when you are 3 and a half a charity walk and a parade look about the same. The girl says it like it is.

Again, this year was a glorious salute to the dedicated efforts of the MOD. I believe we are a walking billboard for the organization. Perhaps next year they will call it The March for Babies and the Ticker Tape Parade for Preemies?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our visit to The Ohio State University NICU

This weekend is the annual March of Dimes walk for premature babies. Since I have the NICU nurses at OSU and the March of Dimes to thank for my healthy kids, it is my pleasure to bring the babies back to where it all started. I know the NICU staff loves to see a success story. I am dedicating this post to all the nurses and parents who stumble upon this blog entry as a result of our visit.

Some of our nurses were there to receive the care package. We brought yummy chocolate chunk cookies to "feed the nurses"

and a bag of preemie clothes and hats for the current NICU residents. Every time I find preemie clothes on clearance I buy them, save them for our visit and bless them to a family with a baby in the NICU. It makes me feel good, and I know the feeling of seeing your own baby in a precious new outfit or hat when you come to visit. I remember looking forward to seeing the babies all snug and cozy in their isolettes- it made my whole day when they were modeling a new hat. I attached a little note to the donated preemie stuff and I hope the parents see the link to this blog. If you need motivation and encouragement that the NICU stay is just a blip in the big picture take a look at these kids. The NICU was 3.5 years ago but it feels like yesterday.

Here are my 27 weeks 6 days little peanuts looking in on the babies from the viewing window. What a difference st 3.5 years can make!

After our NICU little outing I let the kids play in the fountains in front of the hospital. They love water
and anything where you can monkey around, kick and splash.

Our quick visit to the OSU NICU was so rewarding. My heart is full. My hands are full everyday as any stranger is quick to point out, and I wish all the current NICU moms and dads all the happiness we see when we look at our "babies" today. Leave us a message, say hello and welcome to the wonderful world of raising a preemie!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gluten Free Carrot Raisin Cakes

The notion of making gluten free carrot cake all started when I bought this adorable bunny rabbit cake mold pan at Giant Eagle for 75% off, post Easter.If they had any decent Passover crap I would have bought it but all that was left was perishable, so...BUNNIES- win! It is so cute and perfect for putting that cutesy spin on healthy gluten free muffins for the children. They will eat just about anything if is marketed and promoted correctly. Max and Ruby disguised as baked goods, SCORE!

Here is the recipe for these really tasty gluten free carrot cakes-they are loaded with real fruit and very little added sugar.
2 cups Jules Nearly Normal Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 cup canola oil
3/4 firmly packed brown sugar
2 large eggs
1/2 cup natural applesauce
1 can crushed pineapple in real juice (drained) save juice to drink
1/2 tsp GF vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups worth of finely shredded carrots
(I used defrosted baby food carrots from HAPPY BABY)
1 cup raisins
1 tsp finely grated orange zest

Preheat oven to 350. Spray muffin tins or cake pans generously with Pam. Sift together the first 5 dry ingredientsand set aside. In a large bowl whisk together the oil, brown sugar, applesauce, pineapple, vanilla, and carrots.
Blend until well mixed and smooth. Add dry ingredients and combine with folding motion until well incorporated.
Fold in raisins evenly. Fill pans and bake for about 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes before removing muffins from tins, cool on a wire rack.
You could make these in regular muffin pans and then they could be frosted with a cream cheese icing if desired, but my kids do not need more sugars- so we go them as bunnies sans the frosting. Were these a hit? You decide....

The smiling faces don't lie folks, it is gluten free magic.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Every once in a while I get a wild hair to let the munchkins do something a bit crazy. I let my Mommie guard down and encourage them act like kids. This fly by the seat of my pants parenting is good in small doses.

I set the table with all of the ingredients for a sundae bar.There was chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, strawberries and Hershey's syrup. I scooped the ice cream and let the monkeys make their own sundaes. There were no rules, just a free for all with the toppings.

After all the giggling and squealing with excitement they did a damn fine job of creating dessert.

I captured their delight and smiles with my camera although I should have used video so you could hear all the yum yum noises from CJ.

They were stripped of their clothing and just enjoyed being in the Sundae-palooza moment.

The mess made was easily cleaned up with some elbow grease, clorox clean up spray and a few too many paper towels. The kids got to take a long, steamy shower which seemed to rinse away all the evidence of their good time.

I think we are going to make this a regular event. It was the perfect end to a long day- Sundae-palooza and a shower, it does not get any better.

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