Saturday, February 28, 2009

Columbus Mother of Twins Spring Sale- a total success!

I live for this event twice a year. As a member of the Columbus Mother of Twins Club I have the golden opportunity to shop and sell at this amazing sale. You combine about 150 families who all have at least twins, but some of us have triplets, quads and even quints- and you bring all the unwanted baby and kid related merchandise together for a huge resale bonanza. This sale is only open to club members Friday night, and is open to the public for 4 hours the next day. The Columbus Mother of Twins Club Sale is a well oiled machine!

The sale is held at the junior high school in Hilliard, using the gym, multipurpose rooms and cafeteria- the place is jam packed with primo bargains ripe for the picking.

This year I planned to sell more than I planned to buy- due to the fact that Baby Charlotte is really not a baby anymore and most of her "stuff" is gathering dust at home. It was high time to purge the obsolete and outgrown clothes, cribs, car seats, and exersaucers. In case you are wondering, I shed many a tear when Jeff broke down the 3 cribs and loaded them in the van. When you get rid of cribs it means your baby days are over.

As I put our baby stuff in the proper departments and sale areas I hoped that someone would buy and enjoy the items as much as we did. I know it is silly to get sentimental about material things, but there are certain memories- great memories, associated with these objects. I have pictures to help me recall it all, but seeing it there in a sea of other gear made me emotional.

To ease my pain I did a fair amount of shopping in the toy department. I was able to score some very cool things.I bought this wooden abacus for $2.00 and Charlotte was totally enthralled with it. I grabbed a ziploc bag full or dinosaurs for a buck, and the main haul were these4 Radio Flyer Tricycles for an average price of $11 each. I could not leave without Big Elmo and an enormous Clifford the Big Red Dog since they were a dollar a piece, I figured I could not go wrong. The kids told me to go to the twins sale again next week. Thankfully, this event is only twice a year- otherwise Jeff would be tagging and selling everything that was not nailed down, and I would be bringing home tons of treasures for any profit he would be making. We would probably break even at some point, potato potatoe, tomato tomatoe.

I really do get a kick out of pricing and watching the kids' clothing sell. I sold so many pieces for more than what I originally bought them for NEW. My kids wore the clothes for an entire season and then I sold them for the same price at the twins sale. My favorite gymboree dresses from last spring were about $9.99 after the coupons and gymbucks and last night I sold 6 of them for $10 a pop. The club takes 10% of the sales for expenses, so I will call it even. Check out the vast sea of pre-owned clothes,

it is hard to believe that at the end of the sale there were just a few tables with anything left. I brought the equivalent of 8 humoungous laundry baskets full of clothes and donated the 7 remaining pieces that did not sell. The club allows low income qualified families to come and shop when the sale is officially over- the CMOTC members have the option to take home their unsold goods or donate them on the spot. It is a really charitable group of moms and I am really proud to be a member of the club.

I came home with a few odds and endslike these adorable ladybug rain slickers and mathching rain boots for the girls. No boy is complete without some Spiderman Pajamas and these were $2 for the set.

Eli and CJ could not wait to get ready for bed tonight. They were so jazzed to wear these Spiderman jammas that they went to be early. Now if I can just do this every night I would be stoked.

After the success of this sale I am already planning another hair-brained scheme to re-do the storage and organization of the kids' nursery closets and toy area. I saw dollar signs in there this weekend and I am in serious need of a pedicure. Do you think Jeff will ease up the ban on spa treatments when he sees the check from the twins club?

Gluten Free Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Given the level of stress these last few days, it is a wonder I had time to make a nice Friday Night dinner. Thanks to our Catholic friends, we get great deals on amazing fresh fish on Fridays nowadays. I bought some farm raised, never frozen fillets and made one of the crowd pleasers, Parmesan crusted tilapia with lemon, butter, caper sauce. It is super simple to make and is a one pan meal that takes about 25 minutes to do start to finish.

8-10 tilapia fillets
1 cup Parmesan cheese, grated
1 packet or 1 cup mashed potato flakes
3 eggs beaten
2 fresh lemons
1/2 stick butter
capers (well drained)
canola-olive oil

Season the fish with fresh cracked black pepper. Set aside. Stage two bowls for breading the fish, one with the beaten eggs, and the other with the potatoes and parm. Lightly dust the fish with the potato/cheese mixture, then dip in the eggs to coat, then bread it with the potato/cheese. Repeat until all the fillets are ready to cook. Heat oil in large skillet so that is hot but not smoking. (make sure there is about half an inch deep) Add breaded fish to pan so that it is full but not crowded.Cook for about 3-4 minutes on the first side (check for golden light brown color) then turn the pieces to brown the underside. Remove fish onto paper toweling, then onto a cookie sheet. Keep warm in a 250 degree oven until all the fish is breaded and browned.

Remove almost all of the oil from the skillet by draining it off. Keep as many of the crispy drippings and excess breading. Zest one lemon and set aside. Squeeze the lemon juice from the naked lemon into the skillet and add butter.Cook over medium high heat until bubbly. Add the zest, heat until warmed through then add capers to taste (about 8-10 capers per person)

Plate the fish and drizzle the caper sauce over the top. Serve with remaining lemon cut into wedges or sliced for presentation. I plated this with real mashed potatoes, and fresh sugar snap peas. This fish is really crispy on the outside and tender and moist inside. You would never think it was not coated with bread crumbs- it tastes delicious.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 Co- Pays and some $25 gift cards

I spent last night getting about 15 minute intervals of sleep between coughing fits coming from little people down the hall. I ended up putting Eli in bed with us because he was really scary- his cough was the worst. We were all cozy until he coughed so hard he puked- all over Jeff. It was the second vomit related coughing spell of the evening, and it was right then and there that I decided it was time quit using homeopathic remedies like Vicks and Steam and it was high time to take them in to the docs office.

I called and spoke with my favorite nurse right at 8:00 this morning. The switchboard opened and bam, I had 4 appointments back to back. Thankfully, I went with my gut instinct and did not wait the "two weeks" that the "other" nurse suggested. After 4 co-pays and a stressful 72 hours the verdict was in:

Eli: right ear infection and virus,
CJ: virus, rash, and fever,
Natalie: virus and fever
Charlotte: double ear infection, fever, virus and 2 year molars starting to come in

My sweet pediatrician (I love her) faxed the scripts over to Giant Eagle so I could use the drive through window to pick them up on the way home. Can you imagine the work involved with buckling and unbuckling 4 car seats, and schlepping 4 whiny, sick kids through the whole store just to get their medicine? Ugh, no thanks! The pick up window is my friend. I had a hunch we would have some medicines called in, so I put 2of these coupons in the van. Click the link to view, then click the icon to make the image larger, then print to use. Giant Eagle matches competitors coupons so this Walgreen's $25 Gift Card came in handy for two $25 Giant Eagle Gift Cards, one for Charlotte's Omnicef and the other for Eli's Omnicef. I thought about using the $25 for big green martini olives and tabloids but in this economy, I am using them for the important stuff, like ice cream.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fevers, Coughs, Runny Noses- TIMES FOUR

I very rarely bitch and moan about sick kids- what is the point? Right now I have 4 kids plagued with this G-d Awful cough, fever, and drippy noses. I kept them home from school today so that the entire class would not be infected, but now I am dealing with miserable children who all want to be held, cuddled, coddled and loved; AT ONCE. It's my blog and I 'll bitch if I want to.

I called my pediatrician's office this morning. I love her. She and her nurses go out of their way to accommodate our crew. Of course, just my luck that today is her day off so I got the ladies from the other side of the building to take my call. They do not know me, or my children so it was a frustrating phone call. I don't think they realize that I only call when it is absolutely necessary. I know my kids and I can assess them without much medical intervention. I try my best to remedy them myself before I call or bring them in- partially because so far they have been, knock wood, kanina horrah; healthy. Considering that just the co-pays on a sick office visit are $80, I make sure they are truly in need. Suffice it to say, I only call if and when it is serious.

When my call was finally taken, the lame triage nurse on call asked if anyone was choking or having trouble breathing? Ugh, are you joking? Do you think I would be waiting on muzak hold for 17 minutes if they were? Please, gimme a break. Clearly she did not know who she was speaking with- at all. After providing all of the names- spelled out, dates of birth and a call back number she asked me why I was calling. I explained their issues and she dismissed me by saying, well...we are seeing lots of these symptoms, and these coughs are lasting 2 weeks or more, so if they are still sick in two weeks, you can call back and schedule an appointment. WHAT??? Do you think I will be alive after being quarantined in my house with 4 sick children for up to 14 days. Sorry, but that was not the answer I was calling to get.

I know if my own pediatrician were there she would have offered a more timely solution to my problem. I would almost guarantee that she would have at least listened to my kids' chests, and perhaps checked their ears for a possible infection. I know she would never ask me to wait two weeks to be seen. So...I wait until she returns to the office tomorrow, when I call back and get in touch with the staff I adore. Until then, I am stuck at home with my own personal waiting room of pooky kids.Anyone want to come over with some vodka martinis and trashy tabloids- not for the kids, but for me?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Enviro-kids Gluten Free Cereal-palooza

Remember when I bought about 15 boxes of Organic Gluten Free Cereal for a buck a box last month? I have been getting creative with using it up. I make a version of rice krispie treats with it, and I layer it between yogurt and fruit like an ice cream parfait. I even used the corn flakes as a crunchy topping on a casserole but I am still looking for ways to make these two cereals new and exciting to the crew.

I found these "special" cereal bowls at the dollar store. These bowls have a straw that draws the liquid from the bottom- they are perfect for my kids cereal because when they are done eating, they get to drink the milk with the straw. The novelty of these colorful bowls has not worn off and my kids are asking me for milk and cereal as a snack just so they can slurp up the milk through the cool straw.

I know these are not teaching them fine dining skills but at the kitchen table but I can deal with that, at least until the stacks of boxes are depleted from my pantry. Right now it is Cereal Palooza 2009!

Yes...I must admit, Eli prefers the pink Dora pajamas, and Natalie likes Buzz Lightyear. What can you do? Hey, they are a three year old mix gender set- they have no boundaries with their stuff! Girls? Boys? What is the difference?

Monday, February 23, 2009

I made a lady cry at Giant Eagle

I have blogged about my love for Giant Eagle. I adore the staff of the Eagle's Nest, and the fuel perks program works for us. On average we earn more than $2 a week in discounts on up to 30 gallons of gas by buying some of our groceries and filling our prescriptions in their pharmacy. Remember when gas was over $4 a gallon and I was getting free tanks? Yeah, that is true love my friends. Free gas is heartwarming.

On my last fill up I had earned more than enough cents off to make my cost per gallon zero, and I was smiling as I crammed almost 21 gallons into my thirsty van. As I was standing along side the van in the single digit temperatures I noticed the woman on the opposite side of the pump. She pre-paid $5 in cash using a few singles and the rest in change. The only reason you pump gas in sub zero temps is because you have to, and the only reason you pay for gas with coins is because you have to. It was right then and there that I made my move to break the rules at Giant Eagle.

The fuel perks program allows you to get up to 30 gallons on the discount. They have rules about one fill up per customer, meaning you can't put 15 gallons in one car, and 15 gallons in another- or can you? It gripes the hell out of me to waste those extra gallons of FREE gas- I mean, I can only squeeze 21 gallons in the Sienna and those other 9 gallons are basically forfeited. As I stood there watching the other woman's kids bundled and buckled up in her backseat I decided to donate my 9 gallons of free gas to her and her children.

I asked her if her tank was empty and she said it was. I smiled and said, well, I am going to give you 9 gallons of gas for free. Of course she thought I was nuts- so I briefly explained my unique situation and she got really emotional. She told me how she dug in the car ashtray to get enough quarters to buy $5 dollars worth of gas and how she was really trying hard to get by- as the tears rolled down her face she said thank you about 50 times. As not to attract a scene I just finished putting the 21 gallons in my van and I set the pump down on the median between us. I told her to pick up the handle and put the remaining 9 into her car. I quietly got back in my warm van and drove away.

I looked in my rear view mirror as I drove away and I saw her crying as she pumped the gas into her car. Then like a baby myself, I started crying too. Way to go Giant Eagle you made a grown woman or two cry.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eli's words of wisdom

This weekend Eli and I were chatting while he was pooping. For those of you who have recently toilet trained your children, you know the drill. You sit along side the camode and wait for while they do their business. While we were waiting Eli made the following statement which started a conversation.

Eli: Mitchell has a big dinky!

Me: Really? Well, as you get older your dinky grows with you and it gets bigger, so when you are as big as Mitchell your dinky will be bigger too.

Eli: Daddy has a really big dinky.

Me: Right, Eli, Daddy is older than Mitchell and his dinky got bigger as he got older too.

Eli: (puzzled look) Mommie, Papa must have a REALLY HUGE Dinky.

After I quit laughing I wiped his tush and we washed our hands. I said, "Eli, I love our little talks when you are going to the bathroom!" Eli smiled and said, "Me too Mommie, you rock!"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Dressing, also known as pink dip

This is a weekly recipe for our family. We eat a ton of fresh salad mostly spring mix or baby spinach and never chemically treated bagged crap- blech. This is the most requested thing I make from scratch and when 3 three year olds are begging for salad, you know the dressing must be good.

Cranberry Orange Dressing

1 cup fresh or frozen whole cranberries- in summer we sub fresh red raspberries
1 clementine zested then juiced
1 clementine just juiced
2 cloves fresh garlic
1 cup roughly chopped red onion
1/2 salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/3 c honey or real maple syrup
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 plus extra extra virgin olive oil
(because Rachel Ray annoys the piss out of me, I refuse to call it EVOO)

Put all ingredients into blender or use emersion stick blender in a tall pyrex glass measuring cup. Pulse and blend until smooth and creamy....if you want a low fat dressing use less oil and add a bit of extra onion and juice, if you like a creamy dressing add a little extra oil when blending- you can tell by consistency.

Helene's Killer Salad

1 granny smith apple peeled
1 Bosc Pair
1/2c Red Onion sliced thinly
1 c spicy pecans
1/2c Boursin cheese
1 pound washed, drained spring mix
1/2 pound baby spinach

In large salad bowl add greens. Sprinkle onions and pecans, lightly toss. Slice pear into thin wafers, use a carrot peeler to make paper thin apple slices, then cut into matchsticks, decorate salad with fruit then crumble Boursin cheese into flakes by using a fork to crumble- top salad with cheese. Use Cranberry Orange dressing on top.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Natalie's Potty Rating System

I find it hilarious that Natalie has become a potty critic. She is really a potty snob and I have no idea how this has happened. Whenever we arrive at a destination (Costco, Old McDonald's, Library, Giant Eagle) she has to investigate, use and subsequently "rate" the bathroom. Her criteria varies from day to day but she will comment on the cleanliness, smell, and quality of the liquid, or foam soap. I have learned to laugh at the reviews because as she becomes more familiar with the available options in a public restroom her standards continuously get higher and higher. Sometimes she even says, "This baff-room is gross!"

For example, she used to walk into a stall and visually survey the premises before doing her business. Now she has to give me her opinion about the place before she sits. Today she was beaming with excitement because the potty at Giant Eagle has strawberry soap (really just pink?) and fluffy paper towels that require you to wave your hand in front to activate(they are not really fluffy but they have ridges so they appear thicker)and of course the air freshener was overwhelming- which according to Natalie smelled like candy. When you are three years old you notice EVERYTHING!

The family restroom at the play place Wester Bill McDonald's is the creme de la creme of mom friendly crappers. Yes, I seriously whipped out my camera and took photos because if I could design public bathrooms geared for moms with a gaggle of kids, strollers, purses, & diaper bags- this would be my inspiration.

There are two toilets, one big, one little- two sinks, and plenty of room to move. The diaper changer, and extra kid seat is perfect for multi-tasking mamas. I closed and locked the door and all three kids peed, washed hands and were ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Note to self: Write thank you note to McD's corporate and thank them for earning the highest potty rating.

As we left I asked Natalie about the potty. Before I could question her she said, "Mommie that potty was the nicest potty I have ever seen and it smelled like clementines!" So from now on, I will add potty connoisseur to her resume. Siskel and Ebert had thumbs up for their movie reviews, and as the official spokesperson for Natalie I will initiate the Natalie Slutsky Restroom Review with a Tushie rating scale. Two tushies up is the best, One tushie up is okay but not great, One tushie down is bad, and Two tushies down is just rancid. Stay tuned on the blog for more insight on where you can do your business. Move over ZAGAT, Natalie gives the real poop scoop on potties.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to New Albany, OH- we have Clean Streets and Falling Property Values

Now that my kids understand how things work they are fascinated by all things motorized. CJ has a special love for garbage trucks, cement trucks, and dump trucks-oh boy, this kid identify and correctly name all types of construction equipment beyond just tractors. I have no idea where he gets this because Jeff and I can't name all the pavers, back hoes, front loaders and bob cats like our little engineer, CJ.

We were dressed and ready for school when it started raining this morning- so I opened the garage and the kidlets were loading in the van when we heard a magical sound. The whirling and rumbling could only be one thing: THE STREET SWEEPER.

You have no idea how exciting this is....CJ was yahoo and yippeeing in the driveway. There was jumping, clapping, cheering and giggling, all in the rain. My kids did not care about the rain- there was a street sweeper in front of our house- the world was standing still in their minds. The kids were waving to the man inside the sweeper and he noticed their obvious enthusiasm because he backed up, turned around and repeated our street 3 times.

Thanks to my kids we have the cleanest street in the neighborhood. Can I add this as a feature or benefit on my "zillow" listing for the house?

I never heard of Zillow until about 3 weeks ago when some other moms in the bleachers at basketball were lamenting about property values going in the toilet. One really whiney mom was complaining and bitching on and on about how there are more than 400 homes for sale in New Albany right now and a majority of them are short sales. She said her zillow rating was $150K less than what they paid a year ago. This is great news if you want to move to New Albany, but bad news if you need to sell and move to a warmer climate.(like me) So, I made a mental note of the website but never checked it out. Then Michele S. blogged about the aerial view of her own home and how you can see the values of all the homes on your entire street. Hmmm,okay- the nosey nellie inside me went to Zillow and investigated. You can see various images, get prices, and even list your home with a "make me move offer" that allows someone to match your asking price and not officially have your home on the market. I immediately advertised a make me move price that would give us enough wiggle room to pay our mortgage off, move, and have enough left over for a tummy tuck and some botox. I shudder to think of having someone come and tour the inside of our house, but when they drive up, they will be sure to notice the immaculate street and curbs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music To My Ears, so C'mon Get Happy

The decibel level at our house is off the charts. With four kids clamoring for attention and recognition, the constant blaring of the television, cell phone conversations in English and in Spanish, along with the occasional temper tantrum, it is volume overload. It is deafening most days. Just to get a break from the noise I take the kids where they can be as loud as they want without disturbing anyone, Mommie included.

On our last visit to the Kansas City area I took the kids to a kiddie rock concert at Papa Kenos- this jam session featured Dino O'Dell and his band.

My kids were totally into it and were rockin and rollin along with the toddler mosh pit up front. As with most rock concerts there were groupies, and roadies. Fortunately, I did not see any Dora Panties being thrown on stage. After all it was Dino O'Dell not Tommy Jones. Talk about LOUD....wheeew, makes my living room sound like the inside of the library. I kept telling the triplets that they could use their outside voice in the restaurant, and that alone is way cool.

Since they just love anything and everything musical I let them entertain me by putting on shows, and dance recitals like the Latin Grammy renditions. I am pleased to introduce you to our very own, Milgram Eichenwald All Star Band, featuring Lillian on Spanish Dance moves, CJ on keyboards, Natalie on bass and vocals, and Eli, Samuel, & Charlotte as back up singers. Set and Stage Direction by Argenida.


You can turn up the speakers on your desk and jam right along with my little performers. I doubt we will take our show on the road, unless of course, we get a way cool bus like the Partridge Family. Come on get happy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Nadya Suleman Saga, How one woman's poor judgment and uterus has become an obsession

Hmmmm, I know with a title like that I am sure I will get my fair share of Google hits, but so be it. I have been stewing about the whole Octuplet Fiasco for weeks and after a cooling off period to collect my thoughts, I will post my vent and rant- it is my blog and I will rant if I want to, rant if I want to, you would rant too, if it happened to you.

First let me just say that there are a few issues I DO NOT HAVE with the new octuplet mama:

1. I don't have a problem with her being single. I would speculate that if J-Date had failed me and I was still single, I would have made the decision to become a mom. Whether I would have hit up a friend for some baby juice,( I always had Kent Dobbins in mind- he makes beautiful babies) or whether I would have just gone to Tanner's on 119th and picked a random baby daddy, remains a mystery, but regardless, becoming a parent by choice is a personal decision. There are plenty of single moms doing a damn fine job, and plenty of two parent families screwing it up royally, so willingly becoming a parent-is okie dokie.

2. I don't have issue with the fact that she chose to do IVF when she already had 6 children. I say this because if financially I was able to have more kids, I really would. (Can you hear Jeff screaming, NOOOOOO! I swear if you put your monitor screen up to your ear, you will hear him howling and whistling NOOOOO just like hearing the ocean in a huge conch shell) If Jeff and I did IVF now, we too would have 6 kids at home when we wanted to add to our fam damily. How many kids you have is not for me or the general public to judge. It does upset and bug the bajeezus out of me that she could not afford the first six, and decided to have "one" more. Adding any more children to your family if you are unemployed, single, and live with your parents is irresponsible. The combination of how many and being financially sound is a direct reflection on her ability to make important decisions. Uh- Oh.

3. I do not have a problem with her selling her story along with the photos. Most of the more famous "big" families have done it and the money they get from selling out their family freak show has improved their lives. Just tune into Discovery Health, or TLC and you will find The Duggars and their ever growing brood. I can remember when Jon & Kate plus 8 were members of The Triplet Connection, and they too had a website set up for donations. Since then, The Gosselins have made a lifestyle change with their cash from the TLC network show and book. So I am sure Nadya Suleman's baby belly photos earned her a pretty penny,and since she shared the images with the world, she should be compensated, right? I am posting my 16 week pregnant with triplets belly for you for FREE.
I never allowed any photos after I saw these, so there are not any other huge belly "money makers" in existence. Willingly taking hand-outs or money for your story is all about your new found lack of privacy and subsequent paycheck. For example, I have a blog and I give out all kinds of sweet vibes for FREE, but if a publisher or screenplay writer wanted my story I am not sure if I would sell out.(Can you hear Jeff screaming, YES!! SELL, we will get an agent, SELL SELL SELL!WE NEED CASH HONEY, SELL DAMMIT, SELL) Whether or not Nadya Suleman profits from her offspring is her business.

4. Putting back more than 2 or 3 embryos into a 33 year old woman with a history of successful pregnancies is insane. Doctors transfer embryos and ultimately it is fate of the implantation that renders a woman pregnant, so I have a real problem with all the reporters and journalists who have been yammering on about how Nadya and her wacko fertility doc "implanted" six embryos. They transferred six when 2 or 3 is standard protocol. This to me is a recipe for disaster and it is an unconscionable medical malpractice case that should be brought against both Nadya and her IVF doctors on behalf of her existing and newborn babies. Any Cali lawyers out there?

Back in the good old days I would take the triplets out in public and the most aggravating questions from the general public were, did you do fertility? and do you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. UGHHHH- BLECH! Now of course anyone who sees me with the clan wants my opinion on the octuplets. Barf. I prefer to just smile and keep on walking.

Here is my short list of peeves about the woman known around the world as Octopussy. I do not personally know Nadya Suleman but I am an educated mom who can put one and two together and add it up- this whole story stinks and here is why:

The California tax payers are footing the bill for her chosen lifestyle. The Suleman family is currently collecting food stamps, SSI payments and student loans for the sole benefit of octo-moms fantasy to be more like Angelina Jolie. Anyone who has seen the before and after photos can clearly see that there has been some work done on the former Nadya.How does an unemployed woman living with her 6 kids in her parents' home have any time or money for IVF and lip enhancement? Also, it does not take a sleuth to notice that Nadya Suleman has acrylic nails with a french manicure. I wonder how it is possible to grab a coffee and to get your nails done with 6 kids at Grandma's house? These are the same 6 kids who have not seen their mother since she went on hospital bed rest 10 weeks ago. If I had been away from any of my children for 10 weeks Starbucks and the nail salon is the last place I would be.
I think it is outrageous to spend money on coffee drinks and French Manicures when you can't pay to put food on the table without public assistance. To me it is almost as bad as buying cigs and 40 ouncers when your kids are on welfare. Shame on you Nadya Suleman.

Additionally, I have a gripe with her alleged plans to go back to school. I think she is delusional to believe that she can care for 8 preemies, attend classes, study and eventually earn enough money to pay for child care so she can work. She would have to make over a half a million dollars a year with her degree just to barely break even. It is proof that it does take a village to raise a child and in her case it will take the hard earned money of Californians, and 14 villages to keep the village idiot afloat.

Okay I am done, for now, but I reserve the right to modify my opinions as this crazy story unfolds. In all seriousness though, I do feel terrible for those children, all 14 of them. It is not their fault their mother is a certifiable nut job. In closing I will say this, if Nadya Suleman gets a tummy tuck before me, all bets are off on whether I go postal here, or in California.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pink and Green LOVE

Most Mommies dress their lil valentines in red. Not here- not this mommie! I bought these pajamas on the clearance rack at The Children's Place,(after my coupon these sets were less than $2 a pop) and I saved them for my true loves on Valentine's Day. I love them in Pink and Green, so of course, on the day to honor love, my kids were dressed for jail in Palm Beach County.

These are the three prisoners modeling their pink and green uniforms on Valentine's Day 2009.

My two favorite colors in combination, PINK and GREEN. I remember my first Lilly Pulitzer skort at age 12- when the Preppy Handbook was my bible. I had the Pink and Green matching Bermuda bag purse and I was so in love with everything and anything Lilly. I am sure if there are photos that exist, Wende or Michelle will post them on my facebook and I can update this blog to include my former, thinner, Lilly clad self. In recent years as my weight has steadily climbed higher and higher, I gave up wearing huge prints on my ever expanding ass, and started collecting accessories in bright pink and green- it was a decision for the sake of community service really. You can thank me later.

Now, to compensate for my lack of personal pink and green print clothing, I have paid homage to all things Country Club Palm Beachy, by dressing my children accordingly. We even had our family portrait taken when the triplets were little and of course, I color coordinated us to the absolute maximum allowed by the law of common sense.
I have not looked back- I just keep adding to their wardrobes in more pink and more green- now I have Lillian, Samuel and Charlotte to decorate too.Look at my "quadruplets" in all their preppy glory- the floral embellished hats are just overkill in making them ridiculously cute, right? The poor little dears are always matchy matchy and they will have no choice but to let me dress them in my faves-

well at least until I get a tummy tuck and drop 40. Perhaps I will be able to reclaim my size 6 Hibiscus Jungle pants someday, but until then, I am living vicariously through my kids. I love it.

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